Board of Directors

Mr.Kitti Damnernchanwanit

Founder President

Miss Chanyaphat Charusakkitchai

Executive President

Miss Nanunthikarn Damnernchanwanit

Executive Vice President

Mr. Natthapakorn Damnernchanwanit

Executive Director

Police Lieutenant Chamnan Suwannarak

Executive Director

Mr. Samran Hantalay

Executive Director

Miss Phasinee Ekwanich

Executive Director

Mrs. Asama Muangsri

Executive Director

Ms. Awadnaporn Srinandha

Executive Director

Our Mission


Kittiwana Group, there is a research team to develop plant species which are planted in any areas and used nutrients properly for the soil that does not damage the soil for sustainability of nature and environment.

One-stop Service

We are specialized and provided a full range of services from cultivating, process, and selling of eucalyptus wood.

International Quality

We have received international quality certification and remain committed to developing and adding value to products in order to pass on their true intentions, so the farmers get to the recipient's hands with products.

Build a Community

Our business promotes planting of eucalyptus and the price insurance and the eucalyptus plants can be plant alongside with other economic plants to promote economies strongly and sustainably with community work.

Our Vision

Develop new species and maintaining the quality of the wood in Kittiwana Group to be easy to plant and grow fast and made highly productive under the name "Kittiwana Group Sapling". We are proud to be a part of it that generate income to the community and develop Thailand's economy sustainably.

We are proud to be a part

of building community income to make society stronger for the sustainable development of the country.

kittiWANA Group is a pioneer of a single business and

the first of Thailand’s full-range-serviced eucalyptus wood business

which is parallel with the development of various industries in order to create added value for trees that generate income to create a career for Thai farmers to grow sustainably.

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