Sapling Appearance
The stems are straight and have a square shaped body, the shoots are reddish-purple and soft, the small plants are wide-shaped leafy. The leaves are smooth-edged, their petioles are red and the leaves are distributing.

Growth Plant Appearance
The stems are straight. Its round wood is quite square-shaped, there are shallow grooves under the branches, peeling the shell into short strips. The bushes are sharp, have wide shrubs, medium-sized, and distant branches. There are also dry branches on the tree.

Planting plant saplings in the beginning of rainy season, the saplings would growth better in this period rather than at the end of rainy season. Soils that store moisture better than dirt or rocky soils are recommended and the trees grow well continuously in the plains and lowlands. The age of 4 years of wood, yield ranges occur from 20-25 plants per acre.

We should avoid planting in areas of low soil in front of shallow clay, loamy soil. Plant able on clay loam.